Women’s Day Classes – 9 August 2018

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Women’s Day Classes – 9 August 2018

Women's Day

Women's Day Zumba ClassThis Women’s Day Five6seven8 Dance Studio will be offering great classes for all our ladies that should not be missed out on.

The Women’s Day Classes are as follow:


Zumba Dance Class

We will be starting our day off with a great work out session with Edwina while we do a fun Zumba workout for an hour from 09h00-10h00.

Work up a sweat and let go of all your worries.

Date: 09 August 2018
Time: 09h00-10h00
Cost: R50pp
Venue: Five6seven8 Dance Studio

Just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the ultimate dance-fitness party.




Women's Day Self Defence class


Women’s Self Defence Course – Be Your Own Hero

Straight after Zumba we will head into our ‘Be Your Own Hero’ Self Defence Course with Andrew

Date: 09 August 2018
Time: 10h15-13h30
Cost: R75pp for 1.5 hours and R150 for 3 hours
Venue: Five6seven8 Dance Studio

Session 1

10h15-10h45 – Basic situational awareness
10h45-11h15 – Basic every day things as a self defense weapon
11h15-11h45 – Surviving a physical assault

Session 2

12h00-12h30 – Surviving a sexual assault
12h30-13h00 – Surviving a knife attack
13h00-13h30 – Anti mugging at an ATM


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