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  • It has been a little over 2 and a half years since a visit to the Five6seven8 Dance Studio for a few simple lessons with Enize Wilson to choreograph our wedding dance has turned into a new found love for dance. Enize was absolutely amazing in putting our wedding dance together and if you watched us dance on our wedding day you would have thought we had been dancing together for years. Who would have guessed it was only 6 short lessons to put together something that amazing and it was all down to the brilliance and patience of Enize. She made everything seem so simple and effortless. From the moment you walk into the Five6Seven8 studio you get a sense of the love and passion that each and every person has for dance and how they want to share that with their students. You build a relationship and chemistry with your instructor and it's amazing how involved everyone is in your personal development. Even though you are working toward individual goals everyone lends a helping hand to help you improve. We have built such amazing friendships in the time we have been students at the studio. You learn so much from the instructors and it’s a fantastic environment to let your hair down and have some fun while learning so much. The amount of work and effort that goes into the social event and year-end productions are amazing and it is such an amazing feeling to be part of these. It doesn’t matter what your level of interest is in dance there is a place for you at the studio. You are encouraged to work towards individual goals and milestones to ensure that there is continuous development. It was really sad saying goodbye to Enize when she left the studio last year but Bianca has been absolutely amazing in filling her shoes. We really feel at home whenever we are at the studio and it really is like being part of one big happy dancing family. We look forward to many more years and milestones achieved with you guys. Thanks for being so awesome!!!
  • nadine-petzer-testimonial

    Luckily, I was able to pick Kraig, as an instructor, out of group of dancers and teachers, after attending a social evening. I am not too sure whether the studio wanted to give me the choice, but the moment I saw Kraig dance, I felt like if I didn't learn from him, I would eventually regret it.

    Kraig has such a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable while dancing without compromising on technique. He has a gentle but firm way that allows the knowledge imparted to really sink in without feeling pressurized and many times his humorous nature brings a few belly laughs that really make the moments worthwhile. The beauty about Kraigs' instructions that he is passionate about the dance he is teaching and most importantly the way that it is executed. Most teachers will show you a step and leave it there, Kraig will help you perfect it and make you look amazing while doing it.

    - Nadine Petzer -
  • kayla-bubb-testimonial

    "Home is where you dance with others, and dancing is life." - Stephen King

    Five6seven8 is every dancers home! I started Latin and Ballroom dancing last year July and to this day I still come through its doors enthusiastic to dance and learn. (If I could be there all the time I possibly would be.) Passion for dance and too dance runs though all the Five6seven8 dance instructors. My dance instructor is Loïs Qutob and I am honoured to be his student. He is kind, gentle and patient. In under a year I have learnt so much i can hardly believe it and its a big thanks to him. My private lessons are so much fun with one on one, I always leave smiling. Group classes and socials rock and they are a great way to learn and practice steps. Alissa and Kraig have created an amazing dance studio, well managed, lots of fun, bursting with things to do.

    Five6seven8 is the best place to be.

    - Kayla Bubb -
  • natalie-dean-testimonial

    When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience with someone, it speaks volumes about who they are. So we would like to give others a sense of the experience we had with Alissa. We had so much fun going to our dance lessons and looked forward to each one. We did the foxtrot, we learnt steps we didn’t even know we were capable of performing. Thanks to Alissa for her patients, talent, professionalism and the confidence boost.

    We couldn’t wait to present our dance on our wedding day; we became so confident we would astound everybody. We had an all round applause and congratulations for pulling off something nobody thought we could. We loved the unique spin Alissa slotted in; it was the jaw dropping part of our dance. It truly was an “in love” dance.

    We had the time of our lives on our wedding day (11/05/2013) and we’d relive that night just to do that dance again, we can’t thank Alissa enough! We couldn’t have asked for a better dance instructor. Thank you Alissa, you were truly amazing.

    We fully recommend Five6seven8 and Alissa as your wedding dance choreographer. YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG!

    - Natalie & Dean -
  • neville-esterhuizen-testimonial

    A little over a year ago, two of the instructors at Five6seven8 convinced me, a guy with two left feet and about as much rhythm as a duck, to take a half hour lesson to see just what it's all about. Needless to say, I was hooked, couldn't get enough, what with the passion the teachers have for dancing, I can't say I'm surprised. From the day I walked in, the studio was home, and in the year to follow, Five6seven8 has done nothing but encourage and fuel my new found love for dance. The hours of dedication, blood, sweat and tears the instructors put in for their students is always awe inspiring. Not once have I been told that I cant perform a dance because of my level or ability, each and every time, the challenge has been met with a spark of enthusiasm to make dreams and goals a reality. From ballroom and latin social dancing to a world of social competitions, full swing into a haze of showcases, pushing limits as a male dancer burlesque, then head first into competitive international dancing competitions, It's a little hard to imagine dancing anywhere else...

    Five6seven8 is more than a dance studio, its become home, it's family...

    - Neville Esterhuizen -
  • grant-testimonial

    Five6seven8 is an unbelievable place to come and dance. People are so nice and friendly and the studio has a lovely atmosphere. The instructors are so nice, and best of all they are patient and respond in love as we learn new steps. They are excited to make sure we have the steps correctly. The socials are what makes the studio brilliant! It makes you feel good dancing with another person and all your worries just fade away. I have never been so happy in my life when I am at the socials. I personally love Five6seven8, I have never been so happy in my life. It's got a fun atmosphere, great people and a peaceful nature. Everybody is just so nice! and it's great food for the soul just to dance in general.

    The Co-owners are awesome and the instructors pour their hearts and souls into their lessons - They do their best to make sure the lessons are fun and interactive. This is a great hobby and what makes this studio more brilliant is that there are competitions and showcases to help improve your dancing so you not just staying at the same level. You will improve as a dancer!

    There is not one bad thing about this studio! No really - not even one. You will find true joy and happiness dancing at the studio like I have. Everyone can dance at Five6seven8. Five6seven8 is like a 2nd home to me and I have never been so happy in my life! Keep being awesome Five6seven8.

    - Grant Aitchison -
  • nicole-lewis-testimonial

    I used to dance with Kraig when I was much younger, and he was the first person I thought of when I wanted my husband and I to go for dance lessons for our Wedding.

    Ever since then, two years ago, I have been hooked and carried on taking private lessons! I now do Latin and ballroom with Ken, as well as Hiphop with Lois. The nights that I go dancing are the highlights of my week, I truly have so much fun!

    Five6seven8 is an amazing studio to be a part of, the instructors and all staff members are always so friendly and happy to help. Every event that they do, there is always so much effort that goes into it to make it fun for everyone. For the themed socials, the studio is always amazingly decorated and the evening is such a party. Having a photographer capture the night is another special part of the themed socials that I love - I am always so happy to look through those images as they are a keepsake from that night that we can always look back on and remember how much fun was had!

    I have made so many good friends as a result of being part of this amazing studio! Thanks for everything!

    - Nicole Lewis -