Alissa Steyl


Starting off at a social dance studio while finishing off her studies was the ideal part time job. Five6seven8 Dance Studio was founded by Alissa and Kraig and they started as freelance instructors in 2011 which allowed them to create the foundations of their dance studio today and has expanded further than what they ever could hope for. The pleasure of teaching individuals and couples how to dance is indescribable, especially that moment when they realise they know how to dance.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Wedding Specialist
  • 10 years teaching experience
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    Kraig van Rooyen


    Kraig van Rooyen is the Co-Owner of Five6seven8 Dance Studio based in Fontainebleau, Randburg. Although he is a programmer at heart, dancing took a serious role in 2004. With over 13 years dance & teaching experience in both Pro/Am and Competitive Latin & Ballroom dancing, he has a very keen eye on posture & poise. Having won multiple titles with his students at both SADF & SADTA competitions he is know on his way finalising his international qualifications with IDTA.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructo
  • Technique Specialist
  • 12 years teaching experience
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    Tarryn-Leigh Whittaker

    Client Relations Manager

    Tarryn is a university student currently studying Psychology at UNISA. She enjoys working with people and helping them. At Five6seven8 she handles the reception and all student inquiries. She book everyone's lessons and make sure that everything runs smoothly. She also started dancing lessons in 2015.
  • Trainee Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • 3 years experience
  • Fun Fact - Loves Tea

    Robyn Weimar

    Project Manager

    Newly post-graduate student in the process of becoming registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa [HPCSA] to be a Registered Counsellor. I enjoy working with communities in both my personal and professional capacities, and have counselled for SADAG, Teddy Bear Clinic and VEC at Police Stations. In addition, I worked for SA Wedding in helping with wedding and event planning. My dance experience includes ballet lessons from the age of three into early High School. My performing experience includes Gymnastics in which I have National Colours.
  • Project Manager
  • 1 year experience
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    Bianca Dias

    Event Coordinator, Latin & Ballroom Instructor

    I am a social Latin and Ballroom dance instructor, a customary to having started out small at a social studio. Now having started permanently at Five6seven8 Dance Studio. At this moment in time, I am pursuing my passion for dance and love of teaching as I began competing in SADTA competitions. My traits consist of being loud, super energetic, spontaneous, mildly crazy, and passionate for dance. A great love for dance showcases and dressing up for the part. I have 13 years dance experience, with 5 years teaching experience all ranging from Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern (freestyle), Latin and Ballroom.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Event Coordinator
  • 4 years teaching experience
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    Lauren Kruger

    Latin & Ballroom Instructor

    Hi there! I am a social and international Ballroom and Latin dance teacher. I have been teaching for the last 4 years, so don’t worry I’ve got your back. I started dancing after high school in my gap year, this quickly became my passion and soon after I entered the world of teaching. I became part of the Five6seven8 family in 2015 and am loving it here. I specialize in exhibitions, wedding dances, competitions and of course getting out onto the floor and just having fun. I love to focus on technique/styling (which can run away with me from time to time) and have a fun,relaxed approach to dancing.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Make amazing tea
  • 5 years teaching experience
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    Edwina de Wal - Roxburgh

    Zumba, Latin & Ballroom Instructor

  • Zumba, Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • 12 years experience
  • Fun Fact - Addicted to Dancing

    Ken Horn

    Latin & Ballroom Instructor

    Ken has been teaching Social Latin American and Ballroom dance since 2005. He enjoys choreographing showcases with a flair for the dramatic. He also has a great butt and can rock a pair of stilettos.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Argentine Tango & Salsa Instructor
  • Showcase Specialist
  • 11 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Looks Fab in Heels

    Adrian Julius

    Latin & Ballroom Instructor

    Competing in Ballroom and Latin competitions for 25 years. I've been a contestant for a dance TV show(Die Laaste Waltz) with a final result of 6th place.A dancer for dance show 'Fire on the Dance Floor'.I've been 5 time Gauteng Ballroom Champion and have represented the country in England(Blackpool), Germany and Russia. I've choreograph basic and advanced routines for dancers entering competitions and showcases.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Ballroom Specialist
  • 19 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Ballroom Guru

    Andre Greyling

    Latin & Ballroom Instructor

  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • 16 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Accepts donuts as bribes

    Mark Schoeman

    Latin & Ballroom Instructor

    I am a very fun happy go lucky person and I love interacting with people and I love teaching and dancing. I have been teaching for Fred Astaire for six years and I have taught for Arthur Murray dance studio for 10 years. I have also done lots of show cases I joined the Five6seven8 family in June of 2017.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • 16 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Secret Gamer

    Liezl Koornhof

    Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Tap Instructor

    Dance has been my passion since I was a little girl. I grew up tapping from the age of six, all through my school career and adding to that were years of modern, ballet and hip hop. I formally started my contemporary career after school and also advanced my hip hop skills. After studying engineering at TUKS, I spent a year dancing in New York. Here I furthered my skills in mainly contemporary, jazz and ballet. I was also fortunate enough to dance in various stage productions whilst living in New York under mentorship of Jon Rua (current Broadway dancer and choreographer) and Ashle Dawson (SYTYCD finalist).
  • Beginner Contemporary Instructor
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Studied dance in NY

    Lizanne le Grange

    Acro, Burlesque, Contemporary & Modern Instructor

    I was lucky enough to find my life’s passion at such a young age and still to have the opportunity to make a career out of it. I started dancing at the young age of 3 and have never wanted to stop! Initially training in the Royal Academy of Dance classical Ballet and Contemporary styles, developing the technique and discipline required for dancing. I also trained in IDTA Tap, Modern, Theatre Arts and Jazz/Cabaret where I learned the arts of movement and musicality. In my high school years I started Latin and ballroom, being trained in both social and international styles. I am currently training in burlesque and pole fitness to expand my understanding of movement and strength development.
  • Latin & Ballroom Instructor
  • Acro Instructor
  • Burlesque Instructor
  • Contemporary Instructor
  • 13 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Qualified Anthropologist

    Rezelle Veldman

    Ballet Instructor

    Passionate dancer with 20+ years of dance and choreography experience, my drive is my passion and love for dance and the ability to pass it on to others to help make them the best dancers they can be, my classes are fun and energetic with students best interests at heart at all times.
  • Ballet Instructor
  • Royal Academy
  • 10 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Likes singing in the shower

    Loïs Qutob

    Breakdancing & Hip Hop Instructor

    Starting at the age of 14, Loïs was inspired by friends dancing in the street. Joining the Hip Hop crew at school and being accepted into three major productions with other talented dancers and performers allowed him to expand on his skills. With the Inter-house dance festival at Randpark High, Loïs as captain, lead his team to victory. Loïs has joined Five6seven8 Dance Studio to take on the challenge of new styles (Latin & Ballroom) and share the knowledge he has gathered over the years so far, to those looking to start their dance experience.
  • Hip Hop Instructor
  • SABOD Trained
  • 5 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Can eat for a family of 4

    Storm Ghirlando

    Hip Hop Instructor

    Being a little shy and introverted as a young teen, I found myself on a stage during a compulsory school production and accidentally discovered my passion for performance. From there I began my dance training starting with freestyle disco and successfully competing in annual competitions. After two years I decided to expand my horizons and joined the world of hip hop. Where I sharpened my skills and became qualified (after doing exams) in group dance, solo performance and choreography.
  • Tiny Tots & Kids Hip Hop Instructor
  • 1 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Knows every weather joke out there

    Carol Treherne-Thomas

    Nia Instructor

    I stumbled upon Nia about 7 years ago and immediately knew that it was going to change my life. I tried many different classes as an adult and none of them gave me what I was looking for. I went to the Look & Feel Good Expo and there it was, a group of ladies dancing on a stage beaming such joy. I just had to do it and do it now. I went to as many Nia classes as I could and when the opportunity was offered to become a Nia instructor, I jumped at the chance and changed my life. I now have the pleasure of being able to share this fabulous fitness fusion programme with people of all genders, ages, fitness levels and needs. It is my meditation, my medicine and my daily fix.
  • Nia Certified White Belt Instructor
  • 6 years teaching experience
  • Read her teacher feature here
    Fun Fact - Dances in my car

    Kevashnee Poonen

    Bollywood Instructor

    I started dancing at the young age of 15, I first began with tradional indian dance called Bharathynathm and soon discovered a new love for Bollywood dance. I was part of the very 1st international Bollywood concert that came to South africa with Mr Neeraj Shridhar from Bombay Vickings. I have 11 years dancing experience & 7 years teaching experience in both Modern & Tradional Genre. I enjoy sharing my talent with young aspiring dancers. My motto, to teach Love & Unity through dance.
  • Bollywood Instructor
  • Owner of Divya Art of Dance
  • 11 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Nifty Seamstress

    Andrew Adar

    Self Defence Instructor

    Andrew Adar trained in a variety of martial arts since early teens but over the years has become particularly interested in a multiple disciplinary approach and thus for over 15 years he has done Self Defence.
  • Self Defence Instructor
  • Fanchento Kunfu Instructor (includes Kungfu, Jiujitsu)
  • 6 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact -

    Mpho Kunene

    African Dance Instructor

    Dance found me when at 5 years old, I won most of the Wacko Jacko dance competitions organized by my uncle as a teenager, my big brother and his friends would show-off their new dance moves and I would instantly redo them like I’m their originator .After receiving my B.Admin degree 2003, I went to study dance full-time…my partner and I eventually co-founded DANCEunLimited in 2013.
  • African Dance Instructor
  • 14 years teaching experience
  • Fun Fact - Music is my Friend