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Five6seven8 Dance Studio strives to offer an all-inclusive and versatile dance experience for everyone.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio based in Randburg, Johannesburg, offers multiple genres of dance classes for all ages and levels. Whether you are 3 or 83 years old, an aspiring dancer or have years of experience, there is no reason not to put on those dancing shoes. We strive to motivate and enable dancers to explore different avenues through dance, may it be for recreational or competitive purposes.

Dancing brings joy, strength and focus to the body, mind and soul. Five6seven8 is more than a dance studio... it’s home... it's family. We aim to create a fun and safe environment for dancers to build on their dance education; we also offer a supportive space for our instructors to pursue their own dance careers. We are for the dancer in you.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio was founded in 2011 by Alissa Steyl & Kraig van Rooyen, while starting off as independent instructors. In 2013 their dream came true when they opened their Randburg branch in Fontainebleau Village on the corner of Rabie Street & Fourthlane S. We wanted a space dancers of all ages could call a home away from home. We want  To be THE dance studio of Johannesburg, THE place to learn how to dance.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio has now relocated to larger, grander premises in December 2019 to Ferndale on Republic (old Brightwater Commons).

Now our passion is extending far beyond our wildest dreams and opening the doors to all people interested in dancing.

The list of classes on offer is extensive and beyond comprehensive including private and group classes for Latin and Ballroom, Wedding Lessons, Sokkie, 2Step, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Burlesque, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Zumba Fitness, Afrobeat, Acro and Bollywood classes!

Whether you are 3 or 80, dancing brings joy, strength and focus to the body, mind and soul.

Open Monday to Fridays from 12h00 to 21h00 and  Saturday’s from 09h00 to 13h00 with pricing from as little as R 80 per hour for group classes, the constantly incredible feedback they get from both young and old, those with 2 left feet, and even those who have years of experience,  there is no reasonable excuse not to put on those dancing shoes, and give every class a try, at least once.

Our group of instructors are amazing & vibrant, they are the ones, with our students, who make the studio. All experienced in their respective fields and eager to share their knowledge of dancing.

Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar of events, our Themed Parties is a great way to spend a Saturday night, check out all our photos from previous events.

We are not just about socialising though, we also cater for those that would like to compete on the dance floor or even strut a move or two on the stage.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Or jump right in and book yourself a free trial to any of our classes HERE!