Stretching gent latin dance shoes

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Mar 6, 2012
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Apr 1, 2012

Stretching gent latin dance shoes

From our previous post about ballroom dance shoes I decided to do a quick instruction on how to stretch your new dancing shoes .

The tools you’ll need is water, I used a squirt bottle and newspaper. Seen left.





Take the newspaper crunch it up into a ball and squirt some water onto it till its damp but not soggy.



You then take the damp ball of newspaper and stuff it into the shoe’s front. Remember you want to stretch the leather so really stuff it in. I usually find two balls of newspaper is sufficient but depending on how much you need to stretch it.


And voila, leave your shoes like that for a day or two then remove the newspaper before you put them on to dance 😉


This is naturally applicable for gents shoes. Ladies you can try to stuff the newspaper as tightly as possible between the straps but what also works is to wear thick pair of socks and walk your shoes in. I don’t recommend dancing with the socks on as the rubbing can cause more blisters than necessary.

Hope this quick tutorial helps!


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