Stretching lady latin dance shoes

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Apr 1, 2012
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Stretching lady latin dance shoes

We recently posted a tutorial on how to stretch gent latin dance shoes. Unfortunately we didn’t have tips on how to stretch lady latin shoes but recently our student Renee and her lovely neighbor shared a secret with us. Here is a short tutorial:

Tools required: Methylated spirits, cotton wool and a pair of socks.



Step 1: Take a ball of cotton wool and soak it in the Methylated spirits










Step 2: Rub the soaked cotton wool on the inside of your shoe. Please take note – do not allow the spirits to touch the outside of the shoe as this can damage the leather.










Step 3: Apply the spirits on other areas of the shoe you need to stretch. For me personally the straps around my feet are a little too tight to stretch by just wearing them in.















Step 4: Stretch the areas where the spirits have been applied to. Remember do not stretch to much, you still want you shoes to fit snugly around your feet.



Step 5: Lastly put your socks and shoes on and walk around in the house. This will allow the shoes to stretch according to your feet. Hope this helps!

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