Save the Studio Cellphone Number

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Jul 21, 2017
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Oct 18, 2017

Save the Studio Cellphone Number

Save our Studio Cellphone Number

All forms of communication is necessary to ensure each studio member is informed of what is happening at the studio at all times. Therefore we use email, social media as well as text/Whatsapp notifications.

Our Whatsapp communication is the best for last minute changes to any class changes, for example, the power is off and we need to reschedule lessons (touch wood this doesn’t happen anytime soon).

The studio uses Whatsapp Broadcasts to notify all the students, we have moved away from all the group chats as some people might find it annoying when they return to their phone with 30 unread Whatsapp messages, if not more. So students start leaving the group and no longer receive important notifications from the studio.

But for Whatsapp Broadcasts to work, our studio cellphone number needs to be saved in your contact list. So please save 0848429295 as the studio cellphone number. Some of you might have it saved as Alissa or Tarryn’s number, as long as it is saved in your contact list, it doesn’t really matter.


Below are all the different ways you can contact the studio:


Tel: 011 791 5997

Cell: 084 84 2929 5

Facebook Messenger:


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