Kids & Parents Day – Term 1

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Bob Fosse Musical Theatre Course
Jan 10, 2019
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Jan 14, 2019

Kids & Parents Day – Term 1

Kids & Parents Day

Our newly introduced Kids & Parents Day for 2019

We have bookmarked 4 dates in 2019 that we would like to make use of for our Kids & Parents Days.

What are these days for?

We are creating the opportunity for all our kids to socialise together, normally only certain classes get to know each other so we want to introduce eg the Hip Hop kids to the Ballet kids. Thereafter we would also like to invite the parents to a “Parents Evening”. The “Meeting Days” are where we get the opportunity to inform the parents face-to-face about the upcoming events for the terms and answer any questions that might arise. We also then have the chance for instructors to speak to parents individually about their child’s progress, if we have any recommendations or concerns. On these days we would also like to arrange a little workshop, depending on the upcoming event, eg a Hair and Makeup workshop before a competition or show.

What is happening on 2 February?

For our first kids & parents day we will be doing the following:

  • Kids – From 12h30 all our Kids ages 6 and up are invited to come to the studio. We will be arranging various fun teambuilding games for all the kids to participate in. We will be providing popcorn and juice to keep them going
  • Parents – From 12h30 we would like to invite all our parents to our first meeting. We will be starting off with a “Physio Talk” with Richard Marsh. He will be discussing Stability Exercises and Muscle Control. Thereafter we will run through some general items for 2019 and answer any questions that might arise.

What is the cost involved?

It’s FREE, this is just an opportunity to get together.

Do we need to book?

Please do, we would like to ensure that we are prepared for all that will be arriving on the day.

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