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Sundays 17h00-19h00

Self Defence Randburg Classes, equip yourself with the necessary skills to protect yourself in any situation.

Fanchento is a non-classical form of martial arts which is heavily influenced by the principles of Jeet Kune Do (the art of the late master Bruce Lee) and Ju Jitsu. Fanchento Kung Fu for adults initially satisfies the need for security and health and for this reason beginning classes focus on fitness and self defense. However, once this need is satisfied, there is an emphasis on understanding how our bodies work, and how we can optimize its efficiency. Then the student graduates further from this level in the students own time and then using the body as a tool, aspects of introspection and mental health are explored. This is a very brief and broad description of the Fanchento path. However, not all practitioners or teachers follow this route in this sequence or even cover all these aspects but they are available to all. The Fanchento system is recognized as a system of Ju Jitsu by a number of bodies and the founder of Fanchento, Grandmaster Michael Davidow holds amongst his other degrees an 8th dan in Ju Jitsu and is a technical advisor to the Ju Jitsu Council of South Africa

Course content includes the following:

Training style:

The training is geared towards simplicity aimed at eliminating excess movement and energy. The techniques and exercises are strictly for self-defence and to develop the student's individual attributes. Therefore the techniques are simple, direct and functional and are applied with economy of motion which makes them fast, powerful and non-telegraphic. Fanchento techniques come from all of the four principles of fighting:

  • Kicking and Punching (Jeet Kune Do)
  • Grappling and Locking (jiujitsu-based)
  • Throws (judo-based)
  • Weapons – beginners course teaches disarming techniques and hand to hand combat only. Meanwhile done by experts in the industry focuses on various everyday items that people normally carry on themselves and advanced students learn later stage batons, fake knives and fake firearms.
  • Life skills

    Negotiation skills, general tips on safety as an individual, a parent with their child and as a group


    Of course any level of fitness can join our program, you don’t need to be fit to start, but after a few months you will be fit. Our warm ups and warm downs include light aerobic training, calisthenics and stretching)

    Advanced courses - All of the above at a more higher level

  • No experience required
  • Ages 16 and up
  • Late comers beyond 9:25 will not be allowed to participate
  • Watching and not training is not allowed. Everyone in the dojo must be in training.
  • Course includes Latin & Ballroom Open Group Classes and Socials on Fridays(excluding themed socials)

  • The Instructor


    16 years experience


    Student Rates


    • Per Session

    Adult Rates


    • Per Session


    1What if I miss a class?
    Not to worry, join class the following week.
    2When is the class?
    Every Sunday 17h00-19h00
    3Do I need any experience?
    No experience required, come join us for a class!
    4How long is the class?
    Normally 2 hours. We always strive for our group classes to have a large amount of people, but sometimes this is not always the case, because of this group classes will work as follows: 1 person – 60 mins 2-3 people – 90 mins 4 or more people – 2 hours
    5Can I watch a class?
    NO spectators are allowed to sit in at any of the classes. This rule there to minimise lesson disruptions and allows the students to focus on their class.
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    With all our group class packages we include our Open Latin & Ballroom group class as well as socials in the package at no additional cost. Feel free to join us on a Friday night to learn a new dance or two.
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