Boys Dance Too: Five6seven8 Reacts to Good Morning America

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Heritage Day Dance Workshop
Aug 27, 2019
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Sep 18, 2019

Boys Dance Too: Five6seven8 Reacts to Good Morning America

Free Ballet for Boys

Boys Dance Too: Five6seven8 Reacts to Good Morning America

Recently, on Good Morning America, Lara Spencer’s report on Prince George's curriculum created an uproar in the dancing community.

In her report, Lara Spencer came across as sardonic and insensitive and made the following comment:"Prince William says George absolutely loves the Ballet. I have news for you Prince William, we'll see how long that lasts." This was followed by laughter from her, her co-stars, and the audience.

Even though Lara Spencer has since apologised, the reality of how boys pursuing their dancing goals are perceived has been highlighted.

For a lot of dancers, particularly boys, the report was especially triggering. Many male dancers will attest that there is still a lot of stigma, bullying, and teasing that goes along with boys taking dance classes. The unfortunate result is that a lot of boys who are interested in dance end up quitting or dropping out because of this.

At Five6seven8 Dance Studio, we were shocked that such old fashioned ideas were still so prevalent. A quick poll of our male dance staff revealed that they had all experienced this sort of stigma, particularly those who started dancing when they were young.

"A recent survey revealed that nearly 96% of male ballet dancers stated that they faced physical or verbal attacks because of dance."

This movie, Danseur, shed some light what male ballet dancers have to endure, and offers an insight into the minimal support they receive either from family, friends or the public

Dance requires dedication, focus, and discipline - Something that every child can benefit from.

Thanks to the power of social media, dancers around the world have been pushing back against the stigma. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been flooded with male dancers posting #boysdancetoo.

To show our support for boys who want to dance, Five6seven8 will be offering free ballet classes to boys for the month of September.

If you have a son / brother / cousin / nephew who is interested in dance, contact us today! We offer a safe, stigma-free environment where anybody who loves dance is free to pursue and express their passion and creativity.

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