Adults Year End Production – Through the Decades – 2 December

Kids Year End Production – Arabian Nights – 3 December
July 19, 2017
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July 21, 2017

Adults Year End Production – Through the Decades – 2 December


Our Theme is set for our Adult Year End Production for 2017.

We are dancing Through The Decades, revisiting where all the styles of dance originated from.

Be sure to enter either a Solo, Duo, Trio, Small Group or Formation. Let those creative juices start running.

All Group Dance Classes will be entering either a Small Group or Formation, a minimum of 12 hours will be booked on a particular day set out per dance style, schedule to be released shortly. Classes to commence mid September.

Below is a rough estimate of the packages set out for the event.

Reminder to participate in any of the showcases you do require a active membership at the studio.

All Packages include entry, 14 x 1 hour classes, DVD & Photos as well as costume provision.
Prices are subject to change
Solo (Entry Only) Solo (with classes) Duo Trio Small Group Formation
Over 4 months R237.50 R1,437.50 R812.50 R607.50 R477.50 R450.00
Over 3 months R316.67 R1,916.67 R1,083.33 R810.00 R636.67 R600.00


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