2019 – 365 Dance Opportunities

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Jan 8, 2019
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Jan 9, 2019

2019 – 365 Dance Opportunities

New Years Resolution

2019 – 365 Dance Opportunities

We would like to wish all our students a Happy New Year! May this year be brighter and full of dancing for us all!

With the new year, it comes with new pricing and timetable for all our dance classes. View all these details here:

2019 Pricing

Considering the increase in living costs, we have tried to keep our price increases for 2019 as low as possible. We regard dancing as a necessity to life, not a luxury. So we need to keep our dance classes as cost-effective as possible.

For our Kids classes, we have introduced 3 Term pricing to accommodate the children that attend our classes that go to schools who follow this calendar.
For our Adult classes, we have introduced a 6 x 1-hour class card. This is to accommodate the new 1.5 hour classes that we are offering.

2019 Timetable

Every year we are fortunate to be able to increase our class timetable. With our kids’ classes have increased this year, it has changed our timeslots for both kids & adult classes. So be sure to check when your classes are offered at times for almost all our classes have updated. We do try to accommodate where we can but our times are mainly reliant on studio and instructor availability.

All our Adult group classes will now be starting from 18h30, this should hopefully help all our students who are traveling during peak time traffic.

2019 Calendar

We have bookmarked most of our dates for 2019, naturally, some of the dates run by other organisations, are out of our control and partly still waiting for exact confirmation. But at least we can save some of the dates to our calendar.

We have introduced a few new events on our calendar:

  • All Genre Workshop Dates
    As we are a multi-genre dance studio, we encourage our students to expand their knowledge on the various styles. These workshops are also a great way to see if you want to do more than one style
  • Kids Fun and Parents Meeting Days
    We have bookmarked 4 dates in 2019 that we would like to make use of. One as an opportunity for all our kids to socialise together, normally only certain classes get to know each other so we want to introduce eg the Hip Hop kids to the Ballet kids. Thereafter we would also like to invite the parents to a “Parents Evening”. The “Meeting Days” are where we get the opportunity to inform the parents face-to-face about the upcoming events for the terms and answer any questions that might arise. We also then have the chance for instructors to speak to parents individually about their child’s progress, if we have any recommendations or concerns. On these days we would also like to arrange a little workshop, depending on the upcoming event, eg a Hair and Makeup workshop before a competition or show.
  • Selection of our Kids Competition Teams
    We will be selecting high performing students to form part of a pre-selected competition group. All our kids compete at competitions in Term 3, but we would like to take some selected students to additional competitions throughout the year.
  • Dance Party Date Changes
    Our Latin & Ballroom Dance Parties, otherwise known as socials, have been set for the first and last Friday of each month. We understand that this means the socials run consecutively but we found that having a social mid and end of the month made it difficult to pinpoint an exact date. With this change, you will be able to know that if it is the first of last Friday of the month that a social is guaranteed. Please however keep an eye out on our calendar if a Friday might be cancelled for any events that might happen the following Saturday.

All our other events are continuing as per normal so be sure to keep a look out on the calendar.





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